Aliotho Milano Bicocca


Always intrigued by the most experimental electronic music, he begins his experience and deepen his musical intuition by starting as a drummer in alternative rock bands and later he stumbles into the world of music production, first working in the world of beatmaking inside his production studio and later gives birth to the project Aliotho.

He began his career with one of the most representative songs of his repertoire, Shrine.

His sound is very influenced by Hip Hop because of his early experiences, but also by sophisticated electronica, closer to the world of IDM and sounds with unusual sound design.



Aliotho Lambrate Street
Aliotho Live Secret Location
aliotho milano campagna

Something you don't know

New release


Something you don't know is Aliotho's new single available  from May 30 on all digital platforms.

The track stems from an unexpressed need to get rid of what intoxicates us every day, be it our routine, like the city we live in, like our work.

The artist, in his loneliness. notices this, gets rid of it, and lets go to an exorcizing groove that opens the door to different colors, recognizable in the same production


Aliotho - Sorry

Aliotho - Stay for too long

Video Recorded on Mount

Have you ever felt guilty for not being brave?
Dance revision of a song originally arranged unplugged.

Etna and in a secret location.

This song is what happens when you stay too long in one place, so long that you never want to go back. Colors, smells, people trap you like mermaids in the depths of the sea. You no longer really know who you are.

Aliotho - Shrine


Aliotho - Dawn


The more urban side of Aliotho does not compromise and stays on its son design palette.
Dawn is a soft, gentle track accompanied by one of the artist's favorite vocals.

Shrine is the perfect example of what Aliotho's sound is.
A comet traces a deep path between what is the temple seen a melancholy hope, and the deep anguish of not living up to something. It all resolves, however, into an electronic orchestra of voices.